Gus Monsanto has been singing, playing and recording professionally since age 16. Active as a very in-demand rock singer worldwide, Gus has toured and recorded all over the world during the last 20 years.

Live performances all over America, Europe and Africa, sharing the stage with names such as Robert Plant and Whitesnake, among many others. Fronting great bands, such as Adagio (France) and Revolution Renaissance (Finland).  His talents as singer, producer and musician combined, Gus has been involved with over 30 CDs so far, with more on the way.

Now, Gus proudly presents “Karma Café”, his first album as a solo artist.

Drawing from a rich well of influences, from Beatles to modern rock, from hard rock to acoustic intimacy, many sides of his musical persona form this musical kaleidoscope.

“Welcome to Karma Café”


The idea of recording “Karma Café” came after I spent years recording with renowned musicians in world class studios. I decided then to invite some extremely talented friends to record my songs, which I had been working on for years, in my own home. The idea was to see how far we could get quality wise while using basic recording equipment, which made us explore our creativity to the max.

Meeting co-producer Celo Oliveira was crucial on fulfilling this musical direction, which was already very present within myself. Guitar players Rogério “Percy” Lucas and Wiliam Belle, bassist Jayme Monsanto and keyboardist and  multi-instrumentist Bruno Sá were the pieces that comprized this musical puzzle.

No pressure. No record label. No rules. No deadlines. Making music for the sheer joy of making music. In its time.

“Karma Café” – 2016